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        About Huaxin   ABOUT HUAXIN
        Xi’an Hua Xin New Energy Engineering Co., Ltd. which was established in 1998 and the registered capital is RMB 55, 000,000 and specializes in the new energy technology service in waste heat and excess pressures. Our company demonstrates ability with the B qualification on the electric design and Level 3 on the installing of the mechanical and electrical equipment. Otherwise, we have the patented technology and intellectual property on the cogeneration. Our company offers to the customers a professional package of the cogeneration project, which includes the R&D, design, project managing and operation managing. Bases on the calibration result of the wasted heat excess pressure resource, we provide the most suitable package for customers and make sure our customers get the most value for their investment. Meanwhile, due to the specific circumstance, our company offers variously business module, such as EPC, EMC, BOT, BO, PMC.
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